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Giving Your Warehouse A Thorough Cleaning Every Six Months

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To create a happy and safe working environment in your company`s warehouse, you will need to ensure it is clean and tidy, and you may want to give it a thorough cleaning every six months or so. Regularly cleaning your warehouse can help ensure a happy and safe working environment for your employees and reduce the chances of an accident. You will need to plan the cleaning of your warehouse and ensure you have everything required to clean it correctly. Below are a few tips to help you start planning your warehouse clean and ensure it is spotlessly clean when you are finished.

The Logistics Of Cleaning Your Warehouse

You will want to have as little disruption to your business as possible when cleaning your warehouse, so you will need to do it when it is not regularly operating, such as at weekends. You will need to speak to your employees and see which ones are happy to volunteer for the overtime required to clean the warehouse and see how many you get. Once you have the best time and know how many employees will be there, you can start planning the cleaning operation.

Planning The Work

You will need to plan the various jobs required to clean your warehouse, which will indicate how long the task will take with the number of workers you have. Once you have planned the various jobs, you will tackle with your employees, you will need to ensure you have everything required to give your warehouse a thorough clean and ensure it is spotless.

Ordering The Supplies

You will now know when you will be tackling the cleaning and what materials are required, so you can look at what you already have and then order other items you will require, such as industrial floor cleaner. You will want to create a shopping list of needed items and start looking for a suitable supplier that offers competitive prices and affordable delivery options. You may need to get new mops, buckets, and brushes for the cleaning project, as well as cleaning materials, to help ensure your employees do an excellent job.

Getting Ready Before The Clean

You will want to give yourself a head start on the cleaning, so the day before you tackle the warehouse clean, you will want your employees to start moving everything out. Have them empty all the bins the night before and tidy everything up, so it is clean and tidy. You may want to move things out of the racking in anticipation of the cleaning, making things easier the following day and allowing you to hit the ground running when you start.

The Day Of The Clean

You may also want to offer your employees breakfast in the morning of the day you are doing your warehouse cleaning and get sandwiches from your local butty van. It is an excellent way to incentivise them and ensure they are up for the task the day of the clean, and it can help them to complete the job quickly. With some hard work and elbow grease, you can have your warehouse spotless in no time, so you can finish early and enjoy the rest of your day off.

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